The Stag's Voice: July 11th, 2018


  • Oneness Success Stories - Part Two
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Oneness Success Stories

We asked:
“What’s stopping you from sharing the Oneness message?”

You spoke:
“I have someone who’s well connected but I know they can’t/won’t go.”
“I don’t think my contacts have any interest in the GAA!”

We listened:
This week read some examples of success stories which met these same roadblocks. See how other members got around them to help promote the event and ultimately purchase the Clontarf Road pitches.

This week…

 “I don’t think my contacts have any interest in the GAA!”

Pat Agnew, of the Agnew Law Office which operates in the Northwest region of the US, isn’t a GAA man. But with family from Donegal, and a keen interest in the Irish he simply loved the idea of having the opportunity to meet former Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who will be keynote speaker at the event.

Pat was introduced to our tireless Project Manager Sheila Kelly by a friend in Chicago, and when she had the opportunity to meet him in the Shelbourne Hotel Pat didn’t need much convincing and bought five tickets on the spot!

Another $2,500 towards the Clontarf Road pitch purchase!

This event offers so much to so many people – if you think you know someone who might be interested but you can’t think of the selling point, get in touch with us and we’ll help you position it!

“I have someone who’s well connected but I know they can’t/won’t go.”

Oneness committee and Scoil member Senator Aodhán Ó Ríordáin realised he knew someone who would likely cite being ‘too busy’ to attend himself, but was certainly worthwhile contacting.

With that, he introduced Chicago-based Irish Senator Billy Lawless to Oneness. Billy – who shares our passion for social inclusion – was extremely forthcoming from the offset and made several additional introductions, without ever committing to attend himself…perhaps he was waiting to see how serious we were!

Billy introduced Chicago-based Irish-American businessman Ed Stritch who kindly arranged a meeting in his offices in Chicago with some of our committee and some key local businesses.

We walked out of that meeting with seven tables sold – that’s $35,000 towards the Clontarf Road pitch purchase!

And how serious does Billy think we are? Very – he bought a table last week.

Add another $5,000 towards the Clontarf Road pitch purchase!

Do not underestimate the value of a contact, even if they can’t attend themselves – get in touch with us and we’ll work on it together!

Oneness Conversation Starter

Click the image below to find out all you need to know to start the Oneness conversation



Summer Camps

It's that time of year again... time to book your kids' place at the legendary Scoil Uí Chonaill Summer Camps!

Catering to all ages, skill levels and at an affordable cost, these camps are not to be missed.

Being outdoors, getting active & making new friends - could you think of a better way to spend your summer?

First up is the Kellog's Cúl Camps 16th - 20th July!

Contact Thomas @ 085 113 77 28 to book a place.

Meet Oneness!


How long have you been involved in Scoil Uí Chonaill?
Well, I was actually conceived in Scoil so I suppose my whole life!

Do you have any nicknames? How do you like to be addressed?
Well, my full name is The Oneness Gala but I’d love if people called me The OG

Where do you hail from?
Born and bred on Clontarf Road, with strong lineage in Dublin’s North East Inner City. But I’m making the leap over to Chicago soon – September 20th to be exact!

What’s the reason behind your conception?
Long story short: believe it or not, we don’t own the Club grounds on which the pitches sit…and, well, we reckon owning them is fairly important! We've already had amazing contributions from members over the years but unless we want to keep digging into our own pockets it was felt we needed to think BIG SPLASH IN A BIG POND!

Briefly describe why you’re so important to all Scoil members, even the people who can’t attend the Gala. 
The Gala is a very important means to an end – what we’re trying to achieve with the funds raised will ensure Scoil Uí Chonaill has the security and stability to live on indefinitely …

Even if you can’t make the event, you still have the potential to make a huge contribution in the quest for the Club to own the grounds. Simply think about ANYONE you might know who would be interested and let us know

What would you say you are most known for within Scoil? i.e. what do people associate you with?
I’m kind of a big deal…you probably hear my name around the Club a lot - and if you’re not talkin’ bout me, you better start!

What has been your greatest Scoil moment / achievement?
Get back to me in a couple of months after we boss it in Chicago 😊

What is your profession / field of study / passion?
To spread the Scoil story, which is what Oneness is all about!

What are your favourite hobbies outside of GAA?
I love big events in Chicago…and Enda Kenny.

What is your favourite Scoil ‘quirk’?
How many clubs can you think of that host fundraisers in Chicago? Go on…I’ll give you a minute!

Finally, if you could make one addition to Scoil in any way (don’t be restricted by the plausible!), what would it be?
An astroturf pitch (but of course we need to own the grounds to make any changes to them)


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Team News

LAdies Football

Scoil Ui Chonaill 4-15 Ballinteer St Johns 6-12

A three point loss for the Scoil ladies team in a most entertaining game played in sweltering conditions in Alfie Byrne Rd. 

Ballinteer got off to the better start and scored 2 quick goals in the first few minutes. Scoil gradually came to terms with the Astro surface and some fine scores from Niamh  Bunyan and Caoimhe de Buitlear gave the team a half time lead of 1-9 to 2-4. The lead was not a true reflection of the team`s territorial dominance. However, as in most of the games this year, some wayward shooting in front of goal was to prove costly.

There were some excellent scores from both teams in the second half, the highlight being a brilliant solo goal from Molly Power. Unfortunately after this score, Ballinteer scored 3 goals in quick succession. The Scoil players were undeterred and some lung bursting runs from Anna Power, Kathy Delaney and Naoise Ni Bhroin produced scores to keep the outcome in doubt right up to the final whistle. In spite of their tremendous efforts the team could not secure an equalising goal.

 A disappointing loss, but considering that there were 10 players from last years league winning squad unavailable, it was a very encouraging performance.Well done to the players who deputised, Rachael Mulligan, Niamh Bunyan, Eirinn Heary and Caoimhe de Buitlear, Best wishes to Grainne Egan who played her last game for a while as she heads off on her travels. You will be badly missed Gra

Blitz, Beach & Break for the U9s

Before taking a short summer break, the u9s welcomed Craobh Chiaráin and Clanna Gael for a football blitz, which was followed by some basking in the sunshine on Dollymount Beach!