The Stag's Voice: March 14th, 2018


  • Lá Fhéile Pádraig at Scoil
  • Easter Camp Bookings
  • Good Luck Han!
  • Scoil Neasáin Confirmations
  • Chicago Fundraiser
  • Meet the Members: Katie Doolin
  • Other News
  • Team News
  • Fixtures


Lá Fhéile Pádraig at Scoil

Stuck for St. Patrick's Day plans? Hoping to avoid the crowds in town? Well look no further!

The Stag Bar is the pot of gold you've been searching for & will be open on Saturday 17th March from 12pm!

We'll be showing the TG4 All Ireland Club Finals and the Six Nations Rugby, with a great set up including a big screen projector!

Good company, the finest bar staff & a cosy location... what more could you want?

All Welcome!


Scoil Easter Camps 2018

If you haven't already, it's not too late to book your child's place at the popular Scoil Uí Chonaill Easter Camps! 

Junior Camp (4-12years)
4 days: 3-6th April
Time: 9:30-1:30
Cost: €40, 2nd child  €30, 3rd child €25

Advanced Camp (U13-U16)
2 days: 27th & 28th March
Time: 9:30-1:30
Cost: €20

To book please contact Thomas at (085) 113 7728‬

Hannah Leahy scoil.jpeg

Good Luck Han!

Best of luck to our very own Hannah Leahy as she lines out for the Dublin Minors in the Leinster Championship QF against Laois on Sunday 18th March @ 2pm in Stradbally.

If you didn't already know, Hannah was named the vice captain of the Dublin Minors, with her leading the pack it can only mean success!


Scoil Neasáin Confrimations

Wishing all of the Scoil Neasáin 6th classers a wonderful day for their Confirmations this Friday 16th March! Catch you guys back at training next week - holier than ever!

Chicago Fundraiser

After weeks of filming all of the amazing aspects of Scoil - the Chicago promotional video will finally be released once the Paddy's Day celebrations are over! Watch this space!

Meet Katie Doolin!

This firey red head is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch, a multi talented baller, and one of the driving (plowing, more like) forces behind the Scoil ladies success last year!  

This firey red head is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch, a multi talented baller, and one of the driving (plowing, more like) forces behind the Scoil ladies success last year!

How long have you been involved in Scoil Uí Chonaill?
As long as I can remember - think I took a "career break" the winter of u8s due to the fear of being too cold

Do you have any nicknames? How do you like to be addressed?
"Redzer" from time to time

How did you come to be involved in Scoil?
Scoil Neasán is to thank for that

Briefly describe your Scoil career as a player / mentor / contributor, if any.
I've played my entire life, we had no minor team so I started at 15 with the adults and now I'm one of the eldest which is insane!

What was the funniest thing that has happened to you in Scoil?
I once got sent off in an u16s match for cursing at the ref & my mother wouldnt talk to me for an entire week!

What would you say you are most known for within Scoil? i.e. what do people associate you with?
Probably the tank who has no mercy in the half back line. Gus Rock once described my style of play as my own version of the 11th Commandment : "Thou shalt not pass". I blame the red hair

What has been your greatest Scoil moment / achievement?
It has to be a toss up between beating Ballyboden u14 for the first time in Division 1 with Richie Egan and winning both league & cup finals this year with our very talented ladies team!

If Scoil was a country, what would it be?
Colombia - the people make it unique!

What is your profession / field of study / passion?
I'm a Physical Education & Biology teacher

What are your favourite hobbies outside of GAA?
I play a lot of basketball too

What is your favoutire sporting moment / sportsperson?
When Stephen Cluxton scored the winning point against Kerry in the 2011 All-Ireland Final. What a day!

What is your favourite Scoil ‘quirk’?
The jerseys - when we were younger I remember other teams calling us lollipop ladies but I think they're fantastic!

If you could make one addition to Scoil in any way (don’t be restricted by the plausible!), what would it be?
IIf we had the space - another full size pitch to cater for our growing numbers

Want to feature in the Stag's Voice?

As a Club, we really pride ourselves on the close-knit community that we have at Scoil Uí Chonaill - help us in our effort in getting to know all of our members by filling out the Meet the Member's Questionnaire

Other News

Tickets are now available for the Dublin Hurlers v Tipperary on @ 3pm Sunday 18th March in Parnell Park.

Team News


Our U9 girls fielded 2 camogie teams v Fingallians on Sunday 11th with the addition of our new U8 players. The two teams put in very strong performances. All coaches were very impressed with such a positive start to the season.

Sean and Aidans team played very well in both games, starting very fast and scoring goals regularly with excellent ground striking. With the second half came air hurling and the opposition began to close the gap. Some tenacious tackling from the team allowed us get back in the games and we managed to finish strongly. Taiya and Aibhilin played very well in goals with Taiya stopping some long range efforts that could make the Sunday Game. Ella and Alex made some great blocks and hooks in the backs. Nessa and Abbey covered the pitch from midfield. Róisín and Sarah who were giving 2 years away to the opposition never looked out of place and tackled like terriers throughout.

Sinead and Nialls first game was very close to start, but the team soon began to dominate with Emily Ruane on a scoring streak. Orlaith put in a fantastic performance in goal for both games blocking as many as we were scoring. Aoife and Emily held a solid back line, clearing and tackling to keep out the opposition. Keena in her first ever game threw herself into the games and Sarah played an important role at both forward and midfield positions. Caoimhes reliable skill was evident at midfield and supporting the back line. The second half introduced air hurling. The girls rose to the challenge, lifting the ball, striking and tackling. We even saw some textbook hooking and blocks.

It was a great display for our first outing of the year and we will only get stronger as the year goes on.


The Nursey was back training at O'Connell school last week. New members welcome, as always!

Nursey Players of the Week Fiada, Gene, Aisling, Orla and Abdullah!   Maibh Sibh!

Nursey Players of the Week Fiada, Gene, Aisling, Orla and Abdullah! Maibh Sibh!


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