The Stag's Voice: February 14th, 2018


  • Adult Fooball Leagues
  • Scoil Camps Survey
  • Chicago Update
  • Total Ticket Sales
  • Happy Valentine's Day
  • Meet the Members: Dave Condon
  • Scoil's LinkedIn
  • Team News
  • Other News
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...And We're Back!

The Adult Football leagues start back this Sunday 18th February - with our AFL2, AFL7 & AFL11 teams facing Clontarf, Cuala & Castleknock respectively. 

Make sure you get out on Sunday morning to support the lads in their first matches, in what we hope will be very successful seasons!


Scoil Camps Survey

This year, we want to make the popular Scoil camps better than ever! To do this, we need you! Send us your feedback & suggestions by filling out the survey prepared by GPO Thomas.

national clu.PNG

Total Ticket Sales

The results are in - the Club made over €12,000 from ticket sales for the National Club Draw. Thank you to all those who made an effort to sell tickets & a massive thank you to all the organisers, especially TJ!

Chicago Update

We still have boots on the ground doing reconnaissance in Chicago, with an exciting update coming next week! Watch this space!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing a Happy Valentines Day to all of the Stags & Does out there! Remember, here at Scoil HQ we love all our readers deer-ly! ❤️

Meet Dingleberry/Dave Condon!

A Dub in denial, known for his moves behind the Stag Bar and out on it's dancefloor & the mastermind behind Scoil's recent social media fame!

A Dub in denial, known for his moves behind the Stag Bar and out on it's dancefloor & the mastermind behind Scoil's recent social media fame!

How long have you been involved in Scoil Uí Chonaill?
Since I was about 7 so a good while

Do you have any nicknames? How do you like to be addressed?
Ah I've a few nicknames but Fudge Coady refers to me as Grand Master Condon which has a nice ring to it.

Where do you hail from? i.e. county, country, suburb etc.
Kildorerry, Cork. I'll never consider myself a Dub

How did you come to be involved in Scoil?
I was scouted from a young age, promised all the jellies in the world if I played.

Briefly describe your Scoil career as a player / mentor / contributor, if any.
A rollercoster of injuries really

What would you say you are most known for within Scoil? i.e. what do people associate you with?
That guy who ate 4 ham and cheese toasties in under 45 seconds but other than that I keep a low profile in the club

What has been your greatest Scoil moment / achievement?
It would have to be the Hurling promotion win at the end of last year.

What is your profession / field of study / passion?
I work at an Architectural and Engineering Software Company but I'd love to work with social media so if you're hiring DM me

What are your favourite hobbies outside of GAA?
Surfing, photography, cooking and long walks on the beach!

What is your favoutire sporting moment / sportsperson?
Favourite Sportperson has to be Joe Deane hands down

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you in Scoil?
Probably my sporting career

If Scoil was a country, what would it be? Why?
I'd say it actually be Ireland. Small, easy-going country, full with proud people and over achieves compared to countries twice it's size!

What is your favourite Scoil ‘quirk’? e.g. the Geese on the pitch
The scoil ties. They're beautiful

If you could make one addition to Scoil in any way (don’t be restricted by the plausible!), what would it be?
Definitely move the clubhouse to the seafront, open a coffee shop on the ground floor that sells flat whites and poached eggs on toast. #justbasicthings

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Get Linked with Scoil!

In the run up to Chicago 2018 - we are encouraging all members to follow the Scoil Uí Chonaill LinkedIn page. If you haven't already, please add your role in the Club - be it Chairperson, Siopa worker or team mentor! 

Team News


Nursery was back again at O'Connell school hall last Saturday. New members welcome as always!

Well done to the Nursey Player's of the Week Liam, Reilly, Aoife & Naoise!

Well done to the Nursey Player's of the Week Liam, Reilly, Aoife & Naoise!

Other News

  • Tickets are now available for the Dublin Hurlers v Galway on Sunday 25th February @ 2pm in Parnell Park.