The Stag's Voice: November 28th, 2018


AGM 2018

The Scoil Uí Chonaill 2018 Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday November 29th @8pm SHARP in the Clubhouse.

We ask that all members in their utmost capacity attend — what is discussed at this meeting serves as a transparent review of the year gone by, and a basis for what we will see in the year ahead.

Please respect fellow attendees and arrive on time.

So that’s 8pm Greenwich Mean Time (UTC +0), not 8pm Scoil Standard Time (UTC +0.5)!☻

Interested in the Executive or how the Club is run?

Please feel free to get in touch with any member of the Executive to get a perspective — remember; showing interest doesn’t mean being assigned a job — we welcome all levels of curiosity!


Congratulations Hannah!

Well done & congrats to Scoil woman Hannah Leahy who topped off a mightily impressive year with being awarded the Dublin Minor Players’ Player of the Year award at the Dublin Ladies Awards night last Saturday.

An incredible achievement for this shining Scoil & Dubs star! We all know the ones voted for by teammates are the ones that matter ;)


Wait, there’s more from Scoil Ladies!

Congratulations also to Sinead de Burca and Aideen Naughton who have been chosen to represent Scoil first and second teams on the Junior Dub Stars team. 

Well done ladies!

Happiness is…

Happiness is…

Nollaig Shona Nursery!

There were no Nursery Players of the week this week…but only because they’re ALL players of the year :)

It was the last Nursery before Christmas and so it was decided instead to have some ‘treats’ for the kids on a morning which saw a great turn out again (sure I would have shown up myself if I’d known there were treats!)

We’d like to wish everyone who does such an amazing job driving this crucial aspect of the Club week-in, week-out an enjoyable few weeks off!


AFL7 Promotion Final

Hard luck to our AFL7 Footballers who were beaten by the better team on the day in their league promotion final on Sunday, away to Cuala.

This is team has been knocking hard on the door to AFL6 since promotion from AFL8 a few years ago, and their success is not only deserved, but crucial to the success of our Senior Football team.

No doubt the team will be looking forward to the promising group of Minors coming their way fresh from their own Championship final campaign.

Scoil Abú!


See pictures from the match below — thanks once again to photographer Ramona Kennedy!


Scoil Gear Orders Trickling In

Many of you were delighted to receive a long awaited email regarding your gear orders being ready for collection.

Now some of you are saying ‘HUH? I didn’t get it’, or maybe some of you heard from others that they got their order.

Don’t panic, we have yours too but if you did not receive an email it’s because you also ordered a gear bag which is en route from a different supplier, and we didn’t want to cause a nuisance but asking you to come to make two collections!

Finally, some of you are saying ‘yeah but I didn’t get my 💀X!😫!! jersey’ — and all we can say to that is: we apologise, it’s on the way, and we WON’T be ordering jerseys from those lads again.

But FOLKS, please remember; this gig is tough, not everyone operates at the level we do in Scoil and please rest assured we always do the best we can to bring you the best we can!

If you have any further queries you can contact us

Stag’s Voice Hibernation

In case you couldn’t tell from that last article, WE NEED A HOLIDAY :)

Only joking — but seriously, the Scoil Newsletter traditionally takes a little break for December as things slow down, but keep an eye for the odd communication to give you a heads up on anything really exciting or important happening. For everything else, check in regularly on our social channels.

Speak to you soon!

PS There’ll be a new voice behind the Stag in 2019. Intrigued? Well come on down to the AGM and see who’ll be stepping up!

Other News

  • Juvenile membership payments are now due for the 2018/2019 season. You can easily make payment on the Scoil website, as well as complete the membership questionnaire.

  • Xmas Temp Work — Students and other members in search of casual, temporary work over the festive period, there are a number of Christmas Merchandising opportunities CPM are hiring for across Dublin.

  • Happy Birthday to Scoil Stalwart Jim Bauer who will be 90 years young this Thursday! Jim is a stellar member of the Thursday night snooker crew.

Team News

U10 Boys Football

The lads finished off the season with a football game away against Tyrellstown. Turnout was a good as ever with 14 kids getting out on a cold morning. We managed to get two 7 a side games and the lads put in good performances in each game winning both.

Team 1 - Killian, Jake, Michael, Isaac, Luke, Senan and Conor M and Team 2 - Evan, Ruairi, Callum, Conor K, Richie, Rys and Temi.

The teams both put in a very solid performance. Team work was very much in evidence with good passing and always looking for team mates. It was also great to see that the kids are now being a bit more assertive in shooting when they have a clear chance rather than overpassing the ball. As i was refing the game i cant remember the scores and scorers but there was plenty of scoring goals and points. It has been a good season for the lads and their skills and competitive edge has really improved over the season with much more confidence in themselves. Training two nights a week has certainly stood to them so after christmas we will hopefully get two nights training going regularly. Thanks to all the parents for their support over the year it is good to see so many of you out every week.



u9 Boys: 2018 Good List

After 69 training sessions and 32 matches, our u9 team finished its season on a high with super hurling performances against Craobh Chiarain u9 hurlers and Scoil’s u10 camogie team.

The full range of hurling skills that the boys have practiced this season were on display including overhead batting, jab lifting on the run, air hurling and hooking.  Huge credit is due to all the boys for their (mostly) on-time attendance at training since January.

To bring the season to a close, the players relaxed with a movie and pizza in the clubhouse on Saturday evening.

The provisional match schedule for next season has already been published and we are due to play our first matches of 2019 on 16 February. Training will resume in January after the coaches have eaten lots of brussels sprouts (as that is what makes us so fit and clever), and recharged our batteries.

In the meantime, we hope that all our players and their families have a wonderful Christmas. We are very proud of the way every player worked hard and behaved during training - and most importantly, did their best in every match. We are sure that this effort will be rewarded on Christmas morning.

As this newsletter is read in the North Pole, our good list for 2019 is: Cian Bodie, Jamie O’Boyle, Jeaic Carney, Noah Casey, Rian Colbert, Tadhg Connolly, Sean de Burca, Oisin Downes, Darragh Healy, Rory Hunt, Cian Hutterman, James Johnston, Danny Kelly, Eoin Kelly, Brodie McCann, Joseph Murnane, Cónán O’Dálaigh, Hugh O’Donnell, Conall O’Morain, Faoláin O’Murchú, Fionnán O’Riain, Fionn O’Shaughnessy, Shay O’Sullivan, Zach Orr, Jamie O’Leary, Matthew Oates, Jake Osborne, Paddy Pringle, Cody Redmond, Caleb Russell, Sam Sheridan, Dennis Sipos, Aodh Taylor, Orson Thorne, Ben Walker.

PS: remember to take your hurley when you go to the park over the Christmas.


Nada. That’s a wrap for 2018 — enjoy the break!