The Stag's Voice: August 23rd, 2017


  • Race Night
  • Sunday post-Croker BBQ
  • Summer Camps Wind Down
  • Other News
  • Meet Emily McMullen
  • Team News
  • Fixtures

Race Night


Management are organising a fun race night on Saturday 9th September in the Clubhouse @8pm, with proceeds helping to fund the juvenile Scotland trip, namely the purchasing of the new Adidas branded Scoil tops for each person on the trip. These tops will be available to order for general membership next week.

Sunday post-Croker BBQ

The Clubhouse will be open on Sunday before and after the Dubs game, with a BBQ that evening. There's always a great atmosphere in the Club on Croker Sunday so be sure to drop in!

Summer Camps Wind Down

Dublin GAA star Ciaran Kilkenny visited the Scoil summer camp last week to offer some words of advice to kids and coaches alike. This week the final camp is underway before school beckons!

Other News


The Club shop will reopen after the summer break this Saturday from 10am - 12pm


"Along with Goodbody Stockbrokers, I will be taking part in a fundraiser for the IMNDA on the 9th of September to raise funds through 100k or 50k cycles."

Please donate to Kate's cause here.


Please get in touch if interested in helping out one evening a year

Meet Emily McMullen

Meet Elmo the tough tackling bruiser, who ironically doesn't like training in the cold...Emily McMullen!

Meet Elmo the tough tackling bruiser, who ironically doesn't like training in the cold...Emily McMullen!

How long have you been involved in Scoil Uí Chonaill?
Since I was about 9, so around 11 years!

Do you have any nicknames? How do you like to be addressed?
Not anymore but anyone I played with when I was around 11 knows that I used to refuse to be called anything but ‘Elmo’….

Where do you hail from?
Just up the road in Raheny.

How did you come to be involved in Scoil?
My best friend when I was a kid used to play and asked me to come down to training with her one Saturday morning and I haven’t looked back since!

Briefly describe your Scoil career as a player / mentor / contributor, if any.
Over the years I’ve played in so many different divisions, competitions and positions that they’ve all just become a blur but one thing I can say is that no team I’ve played on in Scoil has ever had a particularly bad year, which says something about the players in the club!
I also volunteered in the club shop for about a week in 4th year so I’d say I’m pretty involved….

What would you say you are most known for within Scoil? i.e. what do people associate you with?
I think I’ve finally lost the reputation on my team, but I used to be a little bit of a mouth and made some ‘questionable’ tackles on the pitch… 

What has been your greatest Scoil moment / achievement?
Probably winning the feile. I’ll actually never forget the excitement of those games and that feile team was probably my favourite team to play on so far in Scoil.

What is your profession / field of study / passion?
I’m currently studying primary school teaching in Pats.

What are your favourite hobbies outside of GAA?
I play hockey in Clontarf Hockey Club when the GAA season is finished!

If you could make one addition to Scoil in any way (don’t be restricted by the plausible!), what would it be?
Floodlights and an all-weather pitch so we don’t have to do pre- season training indoors!

What is your favourite Scoil ‘quirk’?
The fact that the code on the lock on the front gate has probably never been changed ever.

If you close your eyes and envisage Scoil in 10 years, what do you see?
Not sure about anything else but I know the ladies team will be number one

Team News

Adult Football

St. Margaret's 1-11 Scoil 3-16
Well done to the AFL7 footballers who had an impressive win last night to leave them in a strong position for playoffs.


Ladies Football

Scoil 4-10 Foxrock 0-06
Great win in the league in Foxrock this evening. The final game is at home to Raheny in 2 weeks where a draw or better will see them win the league. A big call out for support!



Nursery continues as usual for everyone this Saturday morning at 10am. Parents are always welcome to join in and help out with training.